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Just a testy :D

2013-09-19 02:07:54 by 1999Elias
Say exactly what do you think and what I can improve here. It's a favor to me.


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2013-09-19 02:45:23

Really nice and smooth, but you could improve the movement of his head. It would make the animation look more "alive" :D
(Btw, I hope you understand my english...)

1999Elias responds:

I understand the english of everyone like almost everyone understand my one xD.
The head movement when walking is still a problem to me, I still don't know what to do xP. Thanks!


2013-09-19 03:19:14

Yes, i agree with Jounaz, the movement was smooth and well done, you added your own shot colour which was a nice touch, the only two things you would improve on is the head movement, at the fact that most of your characters have more realistic faces, i.e eyes and mouths.
in this one, you only had the mouth, so, i don't know if its me or something else, but the no eyes thing just looked a bit strange.

1999Elias responds:

Well, at first thanks for your comment, and, about the eyes, I was looking a bit drunk with them, so I removed out, and just leave the mouth to people differ my expression from everyone, like I already tried to make my character without mouth and it just got, ugh. :D


2013-09-19 06:30:04

Pretty good bro! :D

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, but try to say what I could improve, like my animation skills are still in "development" xD


2013-09-19 07:09:16

Cool test man!! :3

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, but like I said to Elias-Z, say what I can improve, I want to see how I improved :D


2013-09-19 08:06:16

Cool testie ~

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, but plz next time say what I can improve, I want to know what you people think about my skills :3


2013-09-19 09:56:58

The only thing you could improve for now is the way you animate walking.

1999Elias responds:

Yah, my biggest problem :\, thanks for the comment through ;)


2013-09-19 10:38:07

awesome man i like how you spin the gun like a badass

1999Elias responds:

Haha, thanks, I love doing this with my lego and my video-game guns :3, but plz next time say what I can improve. ;)


2013-09-19 14:57:43

coincidencia pura.
e eu acho que ta bom, mas vc podia dar um pouco mais de movimentos na cabessa

(Updated ) 1999Elias responds:

e no resto do corpo tb, lol.


2013-09-19 16:43:21

not bad,are you gonna do something for md?

1999Elias responds:

The Madness Customization and some art, that IDK what will be about :\


2013-09-19 19:00:06

Ok then i guess try moving the body more

1999Elias responds:

I expect that, like I was on a hurry but wanted to animate a bit, so I made this test :P


2013-09-20 16:08:48

Good one, flips the pistol like a boss.

Oh jeez, forgot to fan you...

1999Elias responds:

Thanks :D
Nah it's ok ;)


2013-09-21 10:40:42

A longer testie?

1999Elias responds:

lol, I mean the animation, what I can improve on animating :P


2013-09-21 23:48:25


1999Elias responds:

Hapeeh Madniz Daeh! :3


2013-09-22 01:08:31


1999Elias responds:

Hepeeh Medniz Daeh! :3


2013-09-23 07:44:50

Happy Madness Day and the game is freaking awesome!!!! :DDDDD

1999Elias responds:

Very thanks! Updates will come. ;)


2013-10-05 23:11:46

Recoil seems kinda poor, and madness combat characters usually move around with their movements. Like if hank were to swing a sword, his body would move back as he swung back and then lunge forward as he slashed ahead.

1999Elias responds:

Yea, the body movements are my biggest problem xP. Also, just now that I seen, the recoil here was so much fast :P. Thanks!