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Madness Customization Update (not replaced)

9/25/13 by 1999Elias

Now you can decide where will be some objects, like guys, trees, hotdog vendors, etc (like seen below, lol). Also, now you can throw a guy far away on the Marshmellow Madness BG, just press the button and have fun throwing infinite people at space, lol.
PS: The file here in newgrounds is still the same, like this is still being tested.
Next Update: "onMouseRollOver" actions.

If you're gamer enough, tell me, who is this guy?

Madness Customization Update (not replaced)


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its on spanish...
in spanish the title is:crash bandicoot:la venganza de cortex

9/30/13 1999Elias responds:


i only got Crash Bandicoot:Neo Cortex reveenge

9/29/13 1999Elias responds:

Ahhhh, "Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex" you mean? lol :3
I have all of them :3 (from PS1 and PS2, but not from GBA, from GBA I have just 1).

the character is Neo Cortex.
(i love crash bandicoot!)

9/29/13 1999Elias responds:

I love Crash Bandicoot games too, unfortunately, I can't say that I loved the latest 3 ones.

I also planned the same game with the share feature.
I will try to understand the code and if I succeed,we can collab :)

9/28/13 1999Elias responds:

It's a honor to me work toghether with a programmer like you :D



podrias decirme la fecha en que vas a poner la actualizacion del juego en newgrounds buen juego :D

9/28/13 1999Elias responds:

A cada actualizacion es una image :D
e non hablo tu lingua xD e gracias

If you are able to use the Newgrounds share feature in this,I can bet that this will make it to the portal history!
The first dress-up which I reallly liked,many choices

9/27/13 1999Elias responds:

the Sharing feature (like I already said to liuzirui) was one of the bestest ideas I had, with "dress rating", and much more, but unfortunately, I'm not able to do this because I have no idea how to do this and I'm not a programmer :P, I had ask newgrounds profile on youtube for help but they never replied. Also thanks and have fun!



Haha nice background!! :3

9/26/13 (Updated 9/26/13) 1999Elias responds:

Thanks, as you seen, I made a "change" with the objects, lol. This is just a example of what people will be able to do.

lol neo cortex

9/26/13 1999Elias responds:




Neo Cortex? Don't know that guy but people below perhaps are right...

9/26/13 1999Elias responds:

It's him :P

Neo Cortex. Crash's daddy :3

9/26/13 1999Elias responds:

OMG DAD, lol.



Lemme guess.......
Dr Neo Cortex?

9/26/13 1999Elias responds:

You knew just because Pa4oo said, lol. kidding.



Holy crap its Dr. Neo Cortex :D

9/26/13 1999Elias responds:

Good to see that people know this hazardous guy :3