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Game developer, artist and drummer.

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Comments (11)

aWESOME test n gun mang :o i also have a tablet of my own! it's gotta monitor onnit ;3

nice to see you're still makin stuff :D

Thanks man, it's nice to see you around :D
My tablet was very cheap (compared to better ones, with screen, buttons and stuff), but if I could I would have bought it :P
Yeah I try to keep a sequence of posts and pics on my FB page, I hope to make more animations on the future :)

Probably from Poland but I doubt that is the right answer

Isn't from Poland ;)

Is that a wz. 38M aka. Polish kbsp? Nice!

Nope, I'm sorry
But thanks :)

I'm glad for you
Nice gun and test ^^

Thanks man :)

Nice test you got there dude,
and the gun is the Madsen LAR M/62.

Thanks, and you got it right! :D

Sweet update buddy

Thanks man :D

Why everybody buying One by Wacom?
Oh,me 2

It's the cheapest, so yeah, my only choice

Dude, I have same tablet. Wacom Model: CTL-371

I see everyone here have one :P

Cool test why animate the head too? just draw a circle and convert it to a symbol much easier and the animation will look more smooth

Yeah, but it was just to test, I wanted to make 100% FBF :P
Also it has been a long time since I saw you around, what's up bro?

Well not so much , i started drawing 5-6 months ago seriously i spend 4-6 hours per day , i want to become a game artist/animator ( and learn pixel art too ) is so hard and so much things to learn but i clearly see a huge difference since i started , i guess practice and dedication is the key , can't wait using photoshop/adobe xD how about you mate? and wow time passes so fast i remember being a toxic asshole kid who spend just 20min on a MD test then cry why i don't improve xD hahaha if you want to talk hit me on facebook cya and keep up the good work ^^

Nice man, I'm doing my best to be a game artist and too and also programmer.
Hahah it's ok, most of the people starts like that :P
Thanks man, the same to you ;)

just realized u had the exact same tablet as me

Seems like everyone had this tablet model before me :P