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I wonder how a furry 3D model with a dancing loop without any background ended up in Daily 3rd.
I mean, seriously, the MOVIES portal is for MOVIES, and not 3D assets or anything (maybe this fits better in the art portal). This fits as a instagram/twitter post, but doesn't belong to the movies portal.

Still waiting for the day you get the english diCionary with Randome... MC6 Agent.

GabrielBarsch responds:


Agents aren't (that) dumb anymore, and that's not even 10% of the things you nailed in this animation but I feel the need to point it out.
Keep it up man.

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Oh look, it's SHIFT 2.0.

The controls are so unresponsive that makes the game unplayable at some point. The "Z" button was a lazy and quick fix of the problem of turning around with the arrow keys, which would be the correct, doesn't make sense turning around with one button except arrow keys.
What also bothered me is that I felt like I was playing a classic pokemon game: I can only move from tile to tile (however even the classic pokemon games could turn around without moving).
The camera could be better too, compared to the classic Dig Dug it's too zoomed and doesn't help to find the enemies.
Even with the nice remix and beautiful and stylish artstyle, the game itself is worse than the classic Dig Dug, making it only 1 and a half stars for me (and not deserving a spot in the daily features), because when a game has no good controls, it's frustrating and there's no point to play it.

Erm, first of all, I don't think that Scratch test games should be here on the NG Games Portal...
Second, nothing in this game (except the "programming blocks" that were actually mounted) were made by you, you used pictures from internet, "Running in the 90's" music, and a badly edited game over picture.
There's no menu and no "how to play" screen.
0.5 Stars for the effort.

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It has been a long time since I saw one of your works, good to see you're still working on musics :D
I liked the style very much, the beginning was very nice too and it works pretty well with many game types. Great job as always!

Xenogeno, first of all I love your music and hear some of them frequently like Blackhole Earth Consumption and Epicity (the first version).
Contra and its soundtrack is just great. The cover is different from the others I've heard and sounds amazing.

Really nice remix you made, the music fits well with the House style, the sound effects from the Mario universe made a charm to the music. The drums and the finger snapping worked great together with the music.
You did a great job, a fun music to hear when doing a homework, when going to school or work, or just having fun drawing :)
Also, can't deny this music would fit very well on a tutorial video :P

Falsesouth responds:

Thank you so much! I thought it fit with house lol.

If you or anyone wanted to make a YouTube tutorial with it then I would have no problem with that :)

(with credit given of course)

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Hi, I'm 1999Elias, the creator of Madness Customization.

Although I'm glad you liked my game, I would like to ask to you to not post screenshots of it in the art portal, since it's prohibited by the site staff.

Thank you and have fun playing :)

At first glance I thought this was a 3D model with cartoonish materials. Just look at it! Anatomy, outline, shading and even the colors, everything is looking great in this artwork.

I see what you did there...
...and loved it in many ways.

The internet and the real life are two separated dimensions... at least they should be.
10 years as a newgrounder.

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