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Yo, those FULL AUTO DEAGLEZ tho!

I liked the plot, it's simple but enjoyable. The action is well made, however the music is reeeeeally repetitive, and it doesn't match the movie.
I would say your style is a lot similar to Gabriel Barsch's. Do you animate using tweens?
Not just that but you also used Janitor as main character, just like he did some time ago.
Keep it up!

TrotoNop3 responds:

Thanks,I will find a better music next time.:p

It's really surprising how this collab was made out of a simple joke.
The action scenes were superb, and I'm not talking about 2-3 animators, everyone made a great job, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The cinematic moments and speed effects (mainly in the start) were impressive and gave the intensity feeling of the scenes.
Wonderful job, everyone! Congrats kRyy for organizing this amazing piece.
Also, thanks for using some of my weapons, it's always a honor to have them featured in a movie :)

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Gostei muito do trabalho q vc fez neste jogo, mesmo q o ponto n seja divertir mas sim advertir e ensinar mais sobre um problema que atinge muitas pessoas hoje. E posso dizer com certeza de q grande parte deles buscam a área de jogos (falo isso pq faço faculdade de jogos, área complicadíssima no nosso Brasil mas q sei q no fim valerá a pena), e um dos trabalhos q tive semestre passado era montar uma empresa, e a minha seria para jogos reflexivos e/ou abstratos e q englobam sentimentos, usando de exemplo o Undertale e o 3LIND game (jogo de um desenvolvedor daqui msm). Ou seja, além de respeitar o seu projeto, busco também chegar um dia a fazer um grande sobre depressão e outras coisas da juventude :)
Parabéns pelo projeto, tamo junto :D

bioszard responds:

Valeu cara! Fico feliz que vc tenha gostado. É bom saber que tem gente que gosta de temas diferentes. Boa sorte na sua faculdade e na sua futura empresa. Abração.

I'm sure you played Submachine before, because this game is completely similar.
Nice and simple game, solved it in question of 10-15 mins. Also happy birthday to your brother :)

Like the title says, I really suffered with this game...
It deserves 4 stars for being made in one day, the ending was really sick to me, but it's kinda a ""nice"" touch... really unexpected.
The easy is... well, easy. But the normal option is hard... very hard... I took more than five minutes in one single level, and it was like the fifth, where the crow (I guess) debuts, they're too fast.
But overall, it's a nice game, I would recommend it to some friends but they would probably kill me after the ending hahah.
Great job.

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Xenogeno, first of all I love your music and hear some of them frequently like Blackhole Earth Consumption and Epicity (the first version).
Contra and its soundtrack is just great. The cover is different from the others I've heard and sounds amazing.

Really nice remix you made, the music fits well with the House style, the sound effects from the Mario universe made a charm to the music. The drums and the finger snapping worked great together with the music.
You did a great job, a fun music to hear when doing a homework, when going to school or work, or just having fun drawing :)
Also, can't deny this music would fit very well on a tutorial video :P

Falsesouth responds:

Thank you so much! I thought it fit with house lol.

If you or anyone wanted to make a YouTube tutorial with it then I would have no problem with that :)

(with credit given of course)

It's very cool! The Drum 'n' Bass style matched nicely Megalovania, but I think there was too much sounds at a certain moment of the remix.
I prefer the rock style, of course not your fault, only my preference :P
4 stars ;)

Djjaner responds:

i hate rock style.

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Looks like he isn't the only one to have returned :D
Great fanart, man. I loved every detail, including the new headphones you gave to him :)
Aside from your work, how's going life?

Dawcio510 responds:

School, school, school, studies, tryna get that IT Tech degree.
I gave him a different headset mostly cus I didn't like the ones he always had, they felt out of place for me so I googled a few comtacs and used 'em as reference to give him something cool.

Your coloring and shading is really amazing, but I feel the need of something else on that room, it seems... too clean, hahah. Also, try using line tool istead of brush (if you're using Flash), the lines will have the same thickness.
Faved it ;)

Absolutely outstanding! Incredible idea, mixed with scanline-styled letters from the intros, and great artwork with most of the best parts of each episode.
It's a 5/5 for me, epic job!

Game developer, artist and drummer that loves music and Madness Combat.

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