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Game developer, artist and drummer that loves music and Madness Combat.

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Comments (10)

make more guns

I don't think I will keep making more of them, it's not necessary anymore.


Uhm... thanks.

@1999Elias then atleast release what you have. Even with like 3-5 new guns its still good for V9

Ok, I'll see.

Lmao just a little stab on the ground, not bad mang! ;D kinda sucks to hear you not doing weapon sprites anymore; your guns had an INSANE amount of detail to em, they were real fun to use aswell! but ALAS.... everyone's gotta move on from madness at some point.. i kinda already have xP

Thanks man :)
Actually I'm moving from Flash, I don't know how long I'll keep using it (even though I love it) since it's obsolete now for games and art - the two professions that I seek, aside from music. That's the first reason I'm not making weapon sprites anymore, the second is the fact that there are lots of them already, and I've seen people using them but not crediting me.
IDK but I guess I've told you about my Instagram page, right? xD I'm posting all my weapons there. The link is at the links of my page ;)
Obs.: I hav 1 fan mor than u ;33

You Still good at this ༼ つ ◕o◕ ༽つ

Hahah thanks, but I don't think so :P

@1999Elias HAHA U A$$! BUT yeah man flash IS kinda obsolete now, and making movies.... sprites... all that stuff is just not even fun anymore, which does really suck but at the same time it was a great experience to use for future stuff instead :D i'll check out your instagram to!

Yeah, I've searched for jobs with Flash, but is almost impossible to find nowadays, people just care about Illustrator and Photoshop.
Thanks man, also, I've looking for someone to talk in english, can you give to me your Skype account in private? I don't use it for years too but it'll be nice to speak with you :)

@1999Elias YEAAHH.... most you'll do with flash is try to create your OWN series and hope it garners attention from big studios and get paid that way Lol, but hell yea! we can chat in skype ;D

Exactly! I envy Krinkels... xD
Thanks man :D

you did that in an hour? good job man

Thanks, it wasn't that long, 1 min of only one character with no BGs is easy to animate, so it shouldn't take longer than 1-2 hours.

Cool test there ! :p

Thanks :)

Elias i want to say one thing to you from your character creator game:
ill try to study about making animations and i will make series of madness and i can use your game to make characters for the animations? (and maybe ill make toys from madness for madness fans with your game)

Hello. Well, isn't that hard to find the pieces I used in the game, you can search "madness combat resources" and you'll find a site called neztech that has lots of submissions from fans, all of them in Flash. If you want to try animating and stuff, I recommend you downloading Flash.