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Important question!

Posted by 1999Elias - November 14th, 2019

I'm sweating blood, what about you guys? xD

Yeah, I'm sure that you're thinking "I thought you were ded". Well, you're kinda right.

For those who don't know, I'm completing my game programming college this year, not just that but I started to teach this same thing to youngsters in the school I started working also this year, something that I'm really loving!

Years ago I tried to make Madness Customization 2 that after some development, I dropped since Flash was dying and I hadn't enough time to concentrate on personal projects anymore, nor my hobbies.

In 2020 I'm planning to make my own games, in addition to one I'm working on as my final project in college, so stay tuned for them :D

Following that, I would like to know about you guys: what game would you like to see from me here? Madness Customization 2? Something Madness related? A completely original series? Feel free to say what do you think ;)

I'm currently also working on a website for portfolio to show all my projects, since my instagram page isn't exactly what I want to keep using for uploading art, videos and other things that it doesn't support, like games.

Well, that's all for this post, have a great day and see you soon! :)



Comments (11)

Omg he's alive! Good to have you back broe

Yeah, I'm back but kind of, I hope to be more active from now on :)
Thanks man, always good to see you around.

ayy im graduating this year also! (with a degree in animation tho..) nice to see ya around! <3

That's great, congratulations! Nice to see you too :D

It's been a while
Nice to hear from you again, lad

Sure it have been.
Thanks, nice to see you too!

Gods Of Sprites Is Back Baby

ow man its great see you again, its a honor, I am a rookie animator but being young watching collabs adored and I still adore you work sprites, I hope to see more and good luck with all

Thanks man :)

Fuckin 'ell, man. I missed you

How's going, Mad? It has been a really long time, I missed you too.

@madnesia19 @1999Elias University's kicking my ass but apart from that, I'm fine. And you?

Looks like we're suffering from the same thing, huh? :P

@madnesia19 @1999Elias @1999Elias Yes xddd

good to see you back. names pizzagod. i came back too.

Good to see you again old friend

It has been a long time, great to see you again :)
How are things going?

@nick251 @1999Elias good I can't complain man, just hanging around not doing much, what about yourself?

Hanging around too, enjoying the ending of my holidays.