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For the people who follow me

Posted by 1999Elias - January 30th, 2021

What's up, guys? Hope you're safe and well in this scenario we are living right now.

Ok so, this is a really important question for me to you guys, and first I need to explain about it. If you want to go directly to the question, jump the explanation below.

Recently I've been completely off newgrounds' community, which doesn't mean
I abandoned this place and neither those who I have contact around here.
The thing that made me disappear from here is what happens with every content
creator (and that includes lots of Madness animators as well): money. For sure
it's a time very well spent doing wonderful content that are much appreciated
by the community, but sadly we later face the decision of focusing on something
that help financially or keep making content for the fans.
That's the point I want to get: 

Do you guys still want to see more content from me like arts and games and at the same time help me to become a freelancer game developer with small donations?

I don't know how to use Patreon and none of these crowdfunding tools, but I'll manage to get one.


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I Followed you

Thank you for that!


Is that a yes?

I wish you luck in your future endevours and projects

xD I guess that's a no, then. Thanks anyway, Endik :)

@SaucyXD @1999Elias It is

Thank you! ^^

Do whatever you think is best, dude. As long as you have fun and can still keep the lights on, that's all that matters. Whatever you do, I'm interested to see the results of it. Unfortunately even though I love supporting indie devs and up-and-coming creators, I'm all but bankrupt right now, lmao

I'll certainly make a donation at some point though.
Also.... Thanks for putting up with my toxic ass when I was younger, it meant a lot to me and still does. You're a great guy, and one hell of an artist.

Hahah thanks bro, and I understand very well.
No problem, we all have been there at some point hahah thanks a lot :)

It's good to hear from you again! I can hardly help much because I'm a student with not a lot of disposable income, but if you set up a crowdfunding tool like Patreon then I could donate $1 a month or something. Every little helps, right? :) Good luck!

Dude, $1 is more than R$5 at the moment, even though the currency from here is nothing valuable :| , for comparison a Nintendo Switch is about R$2800 while the games are R$400. So yeah, having donations in a way that doesn't make you guys spend much and still help me a lot is perfect for me :)
Thank you and good to see you around as well :)

si pudiera te ayudaria pero no puedo pero suerte en tus futuros proyectos y que te valla bien

No problem, thanks anyway :)