Rap: "New Name, Same Game" :D

2013-08-23 15:11:28 by 1999Elias

Now Madness Guy Creator is called "Madness Customization", working hard like Iron and fast like a.........hum.........well, like a "Koopa", xD. Also, it will be posted as a DEMO or even won't be posted in madness day 2013, but will be updated alot of times xD. So people, good luck on your works! ;)

- Last Post: Tests and Current Works (?)
Tests are the most easier way to animate well, discover new tricks, etc.
So people, here is 3 tests, you probably seen 1 or 2, but they were all made in this year.
6/30/13: Walther P99 Test (I was bored that day xD)
7/14/13: Jati-Matic Test
8/18/13: Glock 18 Test
Plz, write constructive critism, but don't say just "this is awesome", nope, say exactly what you think, even if you write a text, I will read every comment (but not these with insults).
Current Works:
- Madness Customization game (probably won't be finished before MD)
- Madness Combat pic of my friends (err, I'm a bit busy with school that I can't even work on my game, so I don't know when it will be finished, sorry)
- Some pic for Madness Day (probably one of Tricky related to "Frustration", hehehe...)
- TheDubstepFreak, kenamii, zemort91 and Fivestar811 pics (errm, problematic work time, what means "fucking school works and lessons", still don't know when I will start them ><)
- TarantulaKid's pic (didn't started yet, too >:C )
- Animation for Madness Day (full of ideas, but I think I won't be able to finish one for this MD, so, fuck you school)
- Weapon sprites (well, like you seen above I'm full of school shit, full of ideas, but with a very little time what don't let me do anything, so, fuck you school again).


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2013-08-23 16:01:48

Madness customization?

1999Elias responds:

yep :D


2013-08-23 17:18:11

Wow man so much work

1999Elias responds:

Yea but there are many other things I still need to do, a great example is "skool shitz".


2013-08-23 20:13:53

work work work!

(Updated ) 1999Elias responds:

no trollface? what a ironic day! lol


2013-08-23 20:35:51

mhmmm :P


2013-08-23 21:22:18

Madness Customization sounds better nice name.

1999Elias responds:

Haha, thanks!


2013-08-24 01:33:03

Madness Customization sounds interesting =)

(Updated ) 1999Elias responds:

I hope the game be interesting too xD
Thanks! =)


2013-08-27 23:29:10

I don't know how you make everything so annoying to read, but you manage it. Your grammar isn't even that bad, but you're still somehow so fucking annoying I don't want to read anything you say.

1999Elias responds:

It's your choice.