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Making a (new) Sprite Sheet (again, /o/)

Posted by 1999Elias - September 30th, 2013

After some time, I finally will be starting my own new Madness Sprite Sheet, but it won't be like the other one I used on the Jati-Matic test, no, this gonna be better, with more variations of characters, I finished some of them and they will look like this:
PS: I will modify the head after.

Making a (new) Sprite Sheet (again, /o/)


Comments (21)

THATS TOTALLY AWESOME CAN YOU Give me a download link and give the sprites to me XD

I will, when I finish it xP

Awesome work, bro! Especially that agent without jacket, I like that idea :D

I wil make one with the jacket open too, like that from Liuzirui, will be a gift for what he already did for me :D
Also, you can see that in the A.T.P. Scanner I had put the variation for left handed A.T.P. Engineers and Scanners.

U will make a md toon ?

I don't know if it will be for the next MD but I hope at least it be finished before that day xP

Will be to the download

The download will be posted after I finish it.

Looks good. All body parts separate in the sprite sheet though?

the sprite sheet will be like a normal one, the body parts, the heads (still not done, so I used the original ones), the foots, etc etc etc. This is just a apresentation :P

Haha great work man keep it up!! :D

Thanks! And for sure I will :D

I'd lovely would use that sheet but it looks like a cheap remake of standard sprites by Krinkels

the sign says: "Unfinished work, if you want this sprites, gimme a milk 'n' coffee cup and go back", lol.

Well, I actually like the idea but you could make something like custom shading and own hands.
Not trying to tell it that it's bad or something.

Own hands it's something I will do, I finished the heads already and I will try now the hands ;)

this released yet? i want them for an animation (just the cannon ones not the two custom ones)

I'm still making them, but I will make a post when finished them with a link ;)

by cannon ones i mean the two atps and the two 1337 and the grunt

If you mean my newest sprite pack so you will have to wait, it's still not finished.

finished yet i SO WANT!

Nope I still didn't finished it :P

well when it is finished email me the sheet at mine4mahlife@gmail.com

I send you a PM, is that ok?




Believe or not, I still didn't make all of them :P

Teach me how to draw Master!

Lol, get yor penzil and sturt draweeng :3
IDK man, when I draw I just draw because I love to, I see you feel like this aswell like your drawings are very good too :)

5 days for 2017 and i want the download link :(

Why do you guys keep making comments on my posts from a decade ago? xD
And nup, I won't release those for public use, because it's Madness with a "pinch of me", like Ellvis did, Stagnate, etc.

looks great bro, and the download link?

No download link, sorry.
But you can have access to the blue visor Mask over there on my Weapons Sprite Sheet

You could make one of @Prov22's Advanced Troop Units in this style. It'd look pretty good.

I don't know about them, and I'm not working anymore on those sprites.

hey its really been a long this did you finish it because i really like that sprites :D

Well, if you read my replies below you'll see that these have been asked for a long time, but I decided not to release them for the public, I hope you understand.
Anyway, thanks for the support ;)

two thousands yers later......

Using the same reply from the comment below:
"Well, if you read my replies below you'll see that these have been asked for a long time, but I decided not to release them for the public, I hope you understand.
Anyway, thanks for the support ;)"

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