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Madness Demolition #1 - What a perfect killing scene

Posted by 1999Elias - October 1st, 2013

What do you think?
Edit: Shit, I forgot about the Shotgun of the Engineer and my watermark D:

Madness Demolition #1 - What a perfect killing scene

Comments (13)

oh yeah...


the first A.T.P. agent i see without his mask

without his mask and smoking. >:3


um he does have a mask,its on his little noggin called his head hmm?

and are those your sprites? I want to make a test with them

Yep, my own (another) sprites :3

Pretty nice :D Will you publish your sprites in internet?

Probably ;D

THat's how I kinda see it;
Agent go in the building but he got hit by the protagonist then engineer does aswell, then few agents come out but they get killed...
The agent kill the engineer and go in the building.

I won't spoil this work, like it's the first I will REALLY publish to the portal, but one think I can say, the Engineer dies first (SMOKERS NEED DIEEEEH! >:3 ).

Nice background here


Looks like a regular Madness background... good!

Thanks! It's my first full BG so it isn't THAT good. d:

This is awesome man I wonder how will they die?

I can say that is their brain against mine >:3

can I have the sprites to make a test please?

I'm still making it so you will need to wait a bit :\

Hey, it looks nice *5 seconds later, Janitor appears* "well shit, you got blood on the wall! I just cleaned that!!"

but getting back to it, its a good start, you have your own whole original style with the agent and engineer, and the set is pretty much your own too, the keypad behind the agent, the cross on their faces, the dim light above them both, the whole set is literally screaming out "KILL THESE ASS HATS, ONE OF THEM IS SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so all round, this is just a scene that even Hank himself couldn't resist, nice work, your getting closer to your goal.

...maybe so much >:D

aw well ok Ill wait.

I almost finished it:
Foots: K
Hands: K
Heads: K
Masks: Almost K
Bodies: Almost K

that is a cool scene you got there man, btw is your character you made be in it?

I started my series a long time ago, but I never finished all of the tries like they were non-smooth and at 13fps (and another that I changed to 25fps), so I finally will start and finish it.

great scene you have there, will the main character be the representation of you?

The main character IT'S me :3