2013-10-03 12:09:46 by 1999Elias

Was a normal day wich I gotten to school but just when I reached there I knew that today was the reunion just 3 hours after and nobody said to me about it yesterday >:< . After reaching my house I couldn't return to sleep (I study at 7:30 am) so, I turned on the PC, opened Google, and searched "Madness Customization" without reason (/o/), then I find out that 3 another sites had imported my game from here, and I don't know if it's a good thing, but I feel happy somehow, lol. Here is the sites (with the same name):
Be sure that you think that forgot to remember that I'm not popular to be in the bottom of the Featured Content, got it?



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2013-10-03 12:36:19

Once it's posted somewhere you just can't get rid of it. :P I'd be honored, I think? Have to search around for some of my games...

1999Elias responds:

lol, good luck at searching it :P, also thanks.


2013-10-03 12:41:00

Well,you got to be happy that your game has benn uploaded to other sites,as long as they credit you.
It is just like bootleg toys:
You know you are special when they start making fake toys about you.
So yeah,be happy :D

1999Elias responds:

Lol, thanks.


2013-10-03 14:02:02

Because is the best custom game ever.

(Updated ) 1999Elias responds:

Wow, thanks alot man! ^^
Also, I made a sprite of a gun called "OICW" (Object Individual Combat Weapon), it's a totally CRAZY GUN! EVERYONE MUST SEE THAT SHIT! I founded that gun on 007 Nightfire, but just now I had courage to make a sprite of it :P .


2013-10-03 14:13:33

its on the other sites because
is an awesome game.
now you get it?
if i could,i will
put not 10.
i should put 20!

1999Elias responds:

Thank you so much!


2013-10-03 14:44:49

I never really knew there where also blog posts in the featured content until now.
And this just cracks me up!

1999Elias responds:



2013-10-03 15:00:47

You're more popular than I am. But in the end, just enjoy what you do, and popularity will come of it's own accord. After all, in my much more successful youtube channel, I actually have 4,000 subs and a video with 2,000,000 views. :T

1999Elias responds:

I really never cared about popularity, lol, but it's good when you have many friends :D
Also, congrats for the subs and the video, one of my videos could reach just 20.000 views for now :P


2013-10-03 16:24:08

well your more popular than my ass now son.

1999Elias responds:

Why? Your ass is popular? For doing what? lol, I'm kidding :P