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Madness Customization Updated!!

Posted by 1999Elias - October 4th, 2013

For those who waited SOOOOOOO long, here it is, the 2.0 version, I know it's still unfinished, because some people was PMing me to update my game, well, here it is, not so much different, but is question of time to me update it again.
1. 2 more guns: OICW and Accuracy International AWM.
2. Fixed some bugs.
3. A few new dresses.
4. More backgrounds.
5. Interactive Cannonman.
6. Movable objects in backgrounds.
EDIT: WOHOOOOOO!!! THIRD PLACE ON MADNESS DAY 2013 GAME WINNERS!!! THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS!!! A PROBLEM? yes, I have a GIGANTIC PROBLEM, I WON'T BE ABLE TO BUY ANYTHING BECAUSE TO RECEIVE IT FROM MAIL, I NEED AT LEAST $37, WHAT IS APPROXIMATED R$80,00 IN MY COUNTRY, and I seriously won't pay that, being more expensive than buying something in United States with my own dollars. So, yea, I'm feeling bad about that.
This is the new cover that hadn't been updated in the site yet:

Madness Customization Updated!!

Comments (8)

yay,I wonder if I could make a game...

you can, you won't be able just if you don't try, I'm a proof of this.

perhaps i was wrong about you, little man...you're nice artist, train a little more and spread the madness brazilian legacy upon this site, im not sure how long i may continue, so its up to you to avoid the death of the madness, good luck and que chessus ilumine seu caminho

i also will send you some sprites of mine for your next customization update

I'm happy to see you now know my objectives, but sad that you aren't sure how long you may continue, but I believe on you and that you won't abandon Madness like *poof*.
Thanks for the help to stand me up, I was really down yesterday, but now I feel much better, I hope don't disappoint you.


I'm unluckily lucky, lol.

Nice work. It just gets better and better! Now how about some medals? :P

Thanks, and this is why I won't put medals:
1. I don't know how to put medals
2. I don't know about what will be the medals
3. People don't deserve medals >:3
4. Dunno, lol.

Let's see, you could add medals for... changing quality, generating a random character, changing scenery, changing all types of apparel, clicking a thousand times, using specific combinations of attire... I guess 1.) is the big limitation though. :P

Even if we fail, we deserve medals for trying!

Lol, yea, now you deserve medals, however, this is a thing I don't want to search how to do again (at the last try I seen that I need a program or something, and my PC is so full of programs that it freezes everyday :\ ).

heeeheyyy what a nice game

Thanks and have fun!


Thanks! :DD

customization sprite pack anyone?

Send me a PM so I reply it with the link.