Lookin' for a non-existant Shotgun

2013-12-21 10:23:20 by 1999Elias

Hey guys, here I'm again, you won't be free of me so early >:3

Well, this days, I wanted to play "Gun Mayhem 2 - More Mayhem" again (this game can't be found here), like I was bored and I just wanted to play some games, and, ya' know, this game is full of strong weapon pieces, and I was already looking for one shotgun, but I never found it, it's called "Assault Shotgun":


Yup, I loved its model by being so similar to one Assault Rifle, plus this Shotgun is automatic (or semi-auto). I first searched on "Modern Firearms" site, and searched... but I didn't found it, searched on Google for "Automatic Shotguns" for a faster search, found one Wikipedia list, but nothing, so I tried Semi-Auto Shotguns, again clicked on a Wikipedia list, but almost all the Shotguns I seen were ridiculously similar, I fell like I was looking the same gun over and over, but I never seen any image of that gun.

Me playing my hacked version

After hours of search, I fell disappointed by don't being able to find out which gun is this, but after some time playing Gun Mayhem 2, I looked very close to this gun, and I compared with the AK-47, and with the AR-15, and I now was sure, that gun is a FICTIONAL GUN. Its body is a modified and resized AK-47 body, and its Stock is a slightly minimized AR-15 Stock, so, I made the sprite of the gun based on what I discovered, also the stock of the AR-15 and of the Assault Shotgun was severely changed, so I made a kind of mix of both stocks, the original and the sprite, but never copying it. Mixing my AK-47 body sprite, with my newest AR-15 stock, and with a few clicks and changes, here it is:


At my Sprite Sheet, I put the name "Assault-01" for short on Shotgun category and sometime, I will post this gun to everyone be able to use on Madness Combat animations, but don't forget to credit both of us :D

Also, check this guy out: lohannwilian.newgrounds.com, he's one of my cousins and he's a nice artist too, he made a draw recently that was awesome, I remembered from Matrix when I first seen it, I helped him drawing the shading and "coloring" :D

Happy early Christmas guys, and what are you making for christmas? I'm planning to make a Christmas hand draw of Sanford and Deimos :D


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2013-12-21 10:35:11

Nice... good animator xD!

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, but I'm not a really animator xD


2013-12-21 10:38:32

you a good artist!

1999Elias responds:

Thanks man ^^


2013-12-21 11:04:58

Awesome! Can I have the sprite of your guns? And if I can, do you have any bullet shells that goes with it? :o I would like to make some tests with 'em :3

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, and of course, somewhere in my userpage there is one post with a link to download, feel free to use but pleae give credit, and on "Madness Combat Resources", there is one file that is called "Madness1337H1337" or something, download it and open it, there's bullets and shells ;D


2013-12-21 11:20:41

Are you gonna continously design the weapons from the game?

1999Elias responds:

From Gun Mayhem? probably, there's some nice weapons included in the game :D


2013-12-21 12:43:03

your cousin' link does not work

1999Elias responds:

It works now, I always write his second name as "Willian", but it's just one "L" :P


2013-12-21 12:59:11

awesome man

1999Elias responds:

Thanks man! I hope get surprised with your movie ^^


2013-12-21 17:53:01

That gun might look like the USAS 12. At first I thought it was an assault rifle, But then it was actually a full-automatic shotgun. (MW3)
Anyway good luck with your project! ^^

1999Elias responds:

USAS 12 It's like an M16, but 2x bigger xP
PS: Both have 20-rounds magazine, but USAS 12 have a round magazine.


2013-12-21 18:15:17

looks like a saiga 12

1999Elias responds:

I first though it was Saiga 12 actually, but when I compared them, they're really different.


2013-12-21 23:49:20

one of your cousins,does that mean you have many cousins?

1999Elias responds:

8 cousins to be exact.


2013-12-24 12:00:28

happy easter ^_^

1999Elias responds:

Happy birthday ^-^


2013-12-29 20:10:20

Saiga-12 could be probably the base of this gun.

1999Elias responds:

Yea, maybe, it really looks like a Saiga-12 like ShyGuyWolf said, but it has some differences.
PS: I made (or remade) at this 3 days: FN F2000, Glock 17, 18 and 26 (with lots of accessories), Walther P99 (plus I remade mine one) and Five-SeveN.