'Thought' on a username change

2014-07-20 22:56:06 by 1999Elias

Final decision: I will keep 1999Elias :3

Have a good day everyone ;)


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2014-07-20 23:02:32

Welll I really like 1999Elias.....
But BlazingSpirit doesn't sound bad too......

1999Elias responds:

Thanks man, but I still don't know your opinion xD


2014-07-20 23:11:57

BlazingSpirit?? sounds cool but your nickname would be better like:BlazingSpirit Elias

1999Elias responds:

Nah, I think I will keep it :)


2014-07-20 23:25:51

How you change your name?

Btw I could be a awesome idea

1999Elias responds:

Contacting Tom Fulp ;)


2014-07-21 00:38:24

what about BlazingThunder?or EliasAgent but you can also change you username to DracoElias

1999Elias responds:

Hm... nope, blazing thunder is 2 elements (fire and thunder), and eliasagent is a bit kiddy xD


2014-07-21 03:39:47

Aw man :(
Don't change your name, it's fine how it is.
Plus, if you do, I'll lose your name and not be able to find you by name ;(

1999Elias responds:

Yeah, that's why I'm making a post istead of changing it already
Thanks for your opinion man :)


2014-07-21 05:14:49

Cool name but I don't think you can change it

1999Elias responds:

If someone wants to change its account username, just contact Mr. Fulp ;)


2014-07-21 05:30:36

It's a nice idea but 1999Elias is better.
Cuz you got famous using that name.
You got almost 200 fans using that name.
Don't change it ^^

1999Elias responds:

Thanks man :)
Also not just that but I have other accounts over the internet (YouTube etc) with that username so that's why I made this post, to change it or not, but yeah I think the best decision is don't change :)


2014-07-21 05:49:05

1: not everyone you know will know about this
2:and you will lose a lot of your friends
3:it is not a good idea!

1999Elias responds:

1. I made this post so even if I changed my username people would know that I changed it.
2. Lolwhy?
3. It's not a good idea because everyone that knows me on other sites (such as Youtube, MOCpages, etc) won't know that this account owner is the same of the others '1999eliases'.
4. Yup I won't change it anymore ;)


2014-07-21 05:52:56

your awesome the way how you are! so by changing your name you'll be about 20% less cooler bro!

1999Elias responds:

xP don't say something like this, nobody gets downrated by just a new username


2014-07-21 06:42:58

Madness Day is in September,right?

1999Elias responds:

yup, September 22 ;)


2014-07-21 07:59:02

I remember you as 1999Elias.
If you change your name you will be like a different person to me. 1999Elias will die to me, and some random guy will appear instead of him.
So I think you should respect the history and memories of other people, part of which you are.

1999Elias responds:

Yeah, thanks alot man :)


2014-07-21 08:47:34

BlazingSpirit? Bruh. I'd advise you not to you it. Why? Here are the reasons:
1. Sounds like it should be a kids show name.
2. Making the name smaller wouldent look right (Blaze or Spirit)
3. It should be used to make a 8yr olds Xbox Account name. (E.g xX_BLAZINGSPIRIT_Xx)
And 4. People really only know you by 1999Elias.

1999Elias responds:

lol, very much "why"s, however, 1999Elias doesn't look like a "adult" name :P


2014-07-21 09:44:09

Yeah I'm used to know you as 1999Elias
and don't forget your AMA 2 cameo ;p

1999Elias responds:

Thanks man :D


2014-07-21 11:02:49

The name sounds cooler than ice, but It will take quite some time for me to get used to know you.

1999Elias responds:

Lol, and nope my decision is that I will keep the good ol' 1999Elias :)


2014-07-21 13:55:43

Anyways thanks

1999Elias responds:

np :)


2014-07-21 17:44:34


1999Elias responds:



2014-07-21 19:27:19

Loved Gabriel's comment :p

1999Elias responds:

He's always like this, yes or no without the reason :P


2014-07-21 20:34:23

Please don't change it :< Otherwise, I won't know you anymore!
I'm Glad your still you :)

1999Elias responds:

Lol thanks man :P


2014-07-21 21:08:47

Awesome new name!I am so glad you gave up the last one XD just kidding but you dont really need to change your name.

1999Elias responds:

I know, it's just because it's too much old.


2014-07-22 08:37:08

1999Elias is a coolname! you can keep it

1999Elias responds:

Thanks Rishi :)
Also, were you born in 2006? :P


2014-07-23 11:36:06

ta ne' :/

1999Elias responds:

eu meio q ñ entendi esse comentario mas td bem


2014-07-24 01:22:44

Glad you kept the name.

1999Elias responds:

lol thanks.


2014-07-24 07:01:43

AWESOME!!!! hey do see anything different? also here is my first submission:www.newgrounds.com/art/view/supersonicnumber1/smiling-dchuyv

1999Elias responds:

Oh I see you found Super Smash Flash 2 :D
Also nice submission ;)


2014-07-25 13:49:25


1999Elias responds:



2014-07-25 19:14:59

Deixa o nome assim mesmo

1999Elias responds:

Já deixei :P


2014-07-26 16:58:49

change to EliasAlias20eSiecle
if so you get special prize in MD14.

1999Elias responds:

lol u gotta be kiddin meh :P


2014-07-27 08:01:03

1999Elias is familiar name. so i think you don't have to change it :)

1999Elias responds:

Thanks aston :)
Also, your new userpic is something related to your project?


2014-07-28 09:54:08

Umm... it's a bit of relate to my new project.

1999Elias responds:

Ok :)