I'm in programming college :3

2017-02-15 10:37:40 by 1999Elias

That's all you need to know, have a nice day ;)


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2017-02-15 10:41:58

Cool for you

1999Elias responds:

Of course it is ;)


2017-02-15 11:38:55

sounds AWESOME; but programming is pretty tedious! xP

Have a wonderful day!

1999Elias responds:

It is awesome! I'm not paying to have the course ^^
I sincerely think programming is fun, while animating is tedious for me xD
You too bro ;)


2017-02-15 11:40:00


1999Elias responds:



2017-02-15 12:01:53

Congratulations!!! E-) E-) E-) E-) E-)

1999Elias responds:

Thanks :D


2017-02-15 15:01:17

That's dank.

1999Elias responds:

true ;)


2017-02-15 16:01:59

Good luck on programming!

1999Elias responds:

Thanks B'uzz ;)


2017-02-15 16:29:18

been wondering about you Brother

1999Elias responds:

How's going bro? :D


2017-02-15 17:52:22

Damn it's been long time huh? glad to see ya around here, even for 20 seconds! Also good luck with exams and stuff! C;

1999Elias responds:

xD I've been always here, checking things and stuff, trying to check all of the projects of you guys but it's being a pain in the ass with this internet of mine :|
Btw, how's going things my secrit son? :3
You're growing fast huh? I respect you very much, your creativity makes every simple clip enjoyable, keep it up ;)


2017-02-16 12:26:11

awesome! after college make more games!

1999Elias responds:

I pretend to make games at the college ;)
But I hope get out of there programming well ^^


2017-02-22 13:13:16

@OlaniyiOriade I can't reply your PM if you only accept PMs from your contacts...


2017-02-22 14:08:16

Wow,wow,wow! Good for you! Anyways what programming languages you learn?

1999Elias responds:

Yeah! The first 6 months we don't have any programming language class, first they will be teaching the basics and the logic with theory, and Scratch.


2017-03-15 20:07:45

Thats cool Elias! Great for you!

1999Elias responds:

Thanks man ;)