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It has been a while... just a simple drawing c:

Posted by 1999Elias - March 19th, 2017

What's up guys? Just passing by to don't leave the account stopped... :)


I pretend to make the shading afterwards, this drawing was intended to test my scale perception. Didn't use a ruler, but still can't draw a straight line horizontally, so I had to rotate the paper several times to make this drawing. Only used a mechanical pencil, an eraser... and a paper... duh.

As you can see, I don't have any technique, and at everthing in my opinion. I usually prefer taking my time praticing by myself (but now I'm not even praticing :/) than searching or learning easier ways, something I need to stop doing.

Well, I guess that's it, have a nice day ;)

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I have 13 years and draw weapons but not as well as you like your work, hey when you give the link of the sprites of the characters (the agents)?

That's cool, but I'm sorry, I've decided not to give my characters sprites :/

Hey you can do sprites of my character pls is a mk0 soldat with a long coat (this is in project nexus) the suit with a yellow tie and has a mcvisor that is also this project nexus and gloves as it does not matter because I already have them ps: i don't know how make sprites :v (sorry for my bad English bro :v)

Your english is ok I guess, the problem is that you didn't understand that I'm out of time to focus on my projects, even less at taking comissions.

Nice sketch m8!
especially since you did that in trad (no line tools like in flash) and with no ruler

No line tools xD
Thanks :)

Awesome shet, your guns will ALWAYS be the bestest <3

Thanks Spadiz <3

Cool shit my dude, do you plan on adding more gun on that weapon sprite sheet of yours?

I pretend to... actually I made some more, like Automag II, uh................ IDK if I made any other Dx
Jk, I just need to update the file, but it's hard to focus now on my projects and sprites... damnit I hate this adult life... I want to be a child again DDDDx *cries like one*

great draw my dude

Thanks dude ;)

Ready for some glory?: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/691389

Hey! Nice work making voices for the characters :D

now go make a real one xD

xD Maybe when I get a 3D printer, who knows

@joshuaoriade Can't reply your PMs if your account was set to accept only those from your friends list :/