Animations and sprites used in the game from my College [400 fans special]

2017-06-28 17:01:02 by 1999Elias

As I promissed, to celebrate the 400 fans, there goes the animations and sprites from the game I've been working on together with my group at College:

What I had to do: Make all the sprites and animations with Flash, export every frame to .fxg, open with Illustrator, and export to .svg to keep the vector filter to use the sprites to keep high quality (couldn't even see her face well when using .png sprites)

This is the link of the ""demo"" (it's in portuguese-BR):

PS: The credits screen was made by me with a ruled notebook, then edited with Paint.NET

The game is far from completion, we have worked at it in a rush, and actually we had to stop it because Scratch (yeah, we had to make this game with this thing... ><) couldn't bear with so much sprites and enemies... so we couldn't implement enemies, bosses, and anything else.

I don't want to explain the idea of this game, as we might remake it with Unity or another engine.

Oh, and I almost forgot, this is the two versions of the emblem I created for our team, LETAW:

4225158_149868331251_LETAW2.png                  4225158_149868343573_LETAW.png

Now I gotta go, have a nice day ;)


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2017-06-28 19:04:45

hey it a nice shield i bet link would be happy to use it

1999Elias responds:

Hahah yeah


2017-06-29 01:25:45

animations look good

happy 400

1999Elias responds:

Thanks madyellow :D


2017-06-29 23:23:27

congrats on the fans and good luck brother

1999Elias responds:

Thanks bro :)