It's finally here. Another Madness Day!

2017-09-22 11:12:37 by 1999Elias

Yeah boeh, Madnuss Dei! It's now the 4th Madness Day I'm involved (I mean no projects, but I'm following the commemoration projects and stuff)

I'm not proud of myself for having nothing for the day, but after all, I'm sure it will be another great day(s) full of crazy cartoons with lots of blood and creativity :D

I'll at least try to watch every project for the celebration, and give my help with the ratings (if possible I'll try to review aswell)

Anyways, happy Madness Day everyone! ^^



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2017-09-22 11:16:31

Happy madness day!

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day :)


2017-09-22 11:26:11

Happy madness day!!

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day bud :)


2017-09-22 11:58:00

Don't worry, I got nothing for today either

Happy Madness Day :3

1999Elias responds:

hahah damn I was waiting so much for (m)AMA 17 :C


2017-09-22 13:18:40

mama 17 xDDD

1999Elias responds:

. xP


2017-09-22 14:31:30

Happy madness day elias,long time no see :)

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day to you too Dizzel, yeah how are you? :)


2017-09-22 14:51:58

I am good,i thought you were dead but you got my hopes up!

1999Elias responds:

Lel no I'm just a little distant of the community by things like college and job, but I'm ok.
Projects are distant from being finished, other still in mind, but let's see what the future can bring :)


2017-09-23 11:32:41

Happy Madness day folks!!!

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day :)


2017-09-23 14:11:31

happy madness day my friend!!!

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day to you too my friend :)


2017-09-23 17:48:01

happy md!

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day man :D


2017-09-23 18:01:36

Happy MDay Bro! :D

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day Spadiz :3


2017-09-23 18:58:39

Happy madness day, i'm glad that you are still around lol

1999Elias responds:

Happy Madness Day Duding, yeah I'm here, not much, but still here :P
Nice to see you again aswell ;)


2017-09-24 21:01:57

Happy Late Madness Day, I guess.

1999Elias responds:

Happy late Madness Day, Atp :)