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Thanks NG for the User of the Day :D

Posted by 1999Elias - September 29th, 2017

First I would like to thank the +3 fans today, I got surprised when I saw it...

...But I got even more surprised when I saw this PM from G-Bot:


I don't know if that's something rare, but I suppose it is because NG is full of users, and countless important people, so I feel very honored being selected User of the Day ^^

Also, I gonna make a kind of "Who's that Pokemon?" game in my FB page, that I'll give a photo of a gun case without the gun, but with its model outline (much like the Pokemon one), so who comments the name of the weapon correctly will be able to ask for another one for me to draw, however if no one answer it right in 2 weeks, I will reveal in a post like all the others present in the page.

If you don't know my FB page, just click in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/1999Elias/

This is the weapon case sprite for pistols (there will be 2 larger versions for SMGs/SGs and ARs/LMGs):


(Using GA-9 as example like it's the biggest pistol I've made so far)

So, facebook users, stay tuned for the next monday ;)


Comments (7)

Hey congrats!

Thanks :)

I havent opened Facebook for a while now,
this might give me incentive to go open FB again.

oh and congratz for being selected as a daily user,
im a big fan of your works and you are one of my inspirations in drawing sprites.

Thanks for the kind words, you have potential, your sprites are very well made, I'm sure you can go as far as me ;)
Also feel to visit or post your opinions on the page whenever you want to, I'm looking for feedback to improve it

that exists?
i never knew

I imagined something like that for reviewers and stuff, but yeah, not "user of the day"

I got user of the day once too

Yeah I saw you at the previous users of the day after I made the post

You must go back to work on the sequel of the game you did.

With the near death of flash for browsers, I'll have to manage making Madness Customization 2 in another language, HTML5 compatibility would be nice, since it's the most used now.
We'll see, but at the time, nothing confirmed.

Congrats on UOTD! I like the weapons case! I shall follow you too!

Thanks! Also good luck at Inktober, you have a nice style of art :)

congrats my dude

also that gun is a gun no more info needed

Hahah, perfect answer xD
It's an Automag II, MadnessMaster99 guessed it