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Looks like he isn't the only one to have returned :D
Great fanart, man. I loved every detail, including the new headphones you gave to him :)
Aside from your work, how's going life?

Dawcio510 responds:

School, school, school, studies, tryna get that IT Tech degree.
I gave him a different headset mostly cus I didn't like the ones he always had, they felt out of place for me so I googled a few comtacs and used 'em as reference to give him something cool.

Your coloring and shading is really amazing, but I feel the need of something else on that room, it seems... too clean, hahah. Also, try using line tool istead of brush (if you're using Flash), the lines will have the same thickness.
Faved it ;)

Absolutely outstanding! Incredible idea, mixed with scanline-styled letters from the intros, and great artwork with most of the best parts of each episode.
It's a 5/5 for me, epic job!

Kickass art! Its style is very lookalike to Madness Project Nexus 2.
Great job ;)

SM28 responds:

Thank you very much! :o

Man, this model is amazing, I loved it :D

Spawd responds:

Ayye thanks bro <3

Ah... 2013... o ano q estreei com o meu primeiro projeto de Madness... éh... pena q foi o primeiro e ultimo ._.

I love your artworks man, you're always making all these people happy by drawing them :D
I really recognize your work, like the FBF animation on Madness Extermination Collab 5
Keep awesome bro ;)

Pa4oo responds:

hey man thank you so much it really means alot seriously

My internet is very slow, so I was like: "I will have to wait patiently with only this window opened, else the pic won't load", and when only the 6 first frames (? is this the name of the comic parts? xD) appeared, I quickly clicked on "Add to the favorites", really bro, your coloring is awesome! The fourth and the fifth frame looks epic, really like a movie scene, and the shading is perfect, not just that but the lines made with the pen gives a nice touch to the ambient :)
PS: Shading with pen is ridiculous, you made it cross hatched don't you? But still, is very hard to do it xP
Looking forward for more bro! :D

Tiny-Airman responds:

oh wowie! hahah ( >v< )
thank you man, that really means a lot! the "shading" was done with pen since i only had one grey marker. and yeah, i didn't really "shade", but it was mostly cross hatching. i found a pen on the floor and tried using it for drawing, but the ink was too light, so i used it for "shading" instead! it was pretty unnerving to "shade" in everything with the pen, so that's something. ( ^v^ );;
also you could call it a frame, but i usually call it a panel. but yeah, expect a 2nd page sometime whenever i manage to finish it. ( 'v' )

I was going to rate it 0, but you haven't been scouted yet :P
Jk bro, it looks great, just the photo that could've been better xD

Daundice responds:

yeah oops thanks m8!

They...... look........ Soooooo... Cute!!!!!! :3333333
Awwwwnnn..... still spechless about how lovely they lo-....... wait......
Also that pun xD
Good luck buddy! We are loving it so far :D

tailsbuddy responds:

<3 Okiez~

Game developer, artist and drummer that loves music and Madness Combat.

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