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Gostei muito do trabalho q vc fez neste jogo, mesmo q o ponto n seja divertir mas sim advertir e ensinar mais sobre um problema que atinge muitas pessoas hoje. E posso dizer com certeza de q grande parte deles buscam a área de jogos (falo isso pq faço faculdade de jogos, área complicadíssima no nosso Brasil mas q sei q no fim valerá a pena), e um dos trabalhos q tive semestre passado era montar uma empresa, e a minha seria para jogos reflexivos e/ou abstratos e q englobam sentimentos, usando de exemplo o Undertale e o 3LIND game (jogo de um desenvolvedor daqui msm). Ou seja, além de respeitar o seu projeto, busco também chegar um dia a fazer um grande sobre depressão e outras coisas da juventude :)
Parabéns pelo projeto, tamo junto :D

bioszard responds:

Valeu cara! Fico feliz que vc tenha gostado. É bom saber que tem gente que gosta de temas diferentes. Boa sorte na sua faculdade e na sua futura empresa. Abração.

I'm sure you played Submachine before, because this game is completely similar.
Nice and simple game, solved it in question of 10-15 mins. Also happy birthday to your brother :)

Like the title says, I really suffered with this game...
It deserves 4 stars for being made in one day, the ending was really sick to me, but it's kinda a ""nice"" touch... really unexpected.
The easy is... well, easy. But the normal option is hard... very hard... I took more than five minutes in one single level, and it was like the fifth, where the crow (I guess) debuts, they're too fast.
But overall, it's a nice game, I would recommend it to some friends but they would probably kill me after the ending hahah.
Great job.

I loved the remake, Tank 1990 was a game that made my childhood, it was great playing with friends as Player 2 as a challenge (because the same has less lives than the Player 1).
The only thing I think you could work more is the music, man... it hurt my ears xD
Also I found the key to the secret level ;)
The problem is that my flash player is screwed up, and games made in AS3 are toggling the keys, I press it one time and it will be pressing repeatedly ¬¬' (for some reason only the Virtual Keyboard can un-toggle the keys by clicking on them with the mouse).

Jaymer responds:

Thanks a lot!
I loved that game when I was a child. :D

Eheeh, sorry for the music! Luckily I made it possible to turn it off in the Options. ;)
I don't create too much music but who knows, perhaps one day I can come up with some better tracks!

Congrats on finding the secret key! ;)

Hmm, okay! I'll try to upload the HTML5 version and hope it works! :D

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :D

Wow how I never knew about this game D:
Very good man, I love this style of game, kinda like Djjaner's Alone in the Madness/Henry Stickmin, but the arrows were too strange, and click on the actual enemies istead of the arrows should be alot better, or a bar below the screen with the options (however this option would let the screen smaller).
The animation is ok, I see you improved alot after you made this game :D
Text was a bit hard to see, also I didn't see what I clicked because the fear of being killed and luckily I passed through all of them in the 1st try :P
It's your first game and I want to congratulate you for doing this great work, I hope to see more and more of you ;)
Rating: 9/10 ^^

Ratnic8000 responds:

Oh my God! Thanks you very much!!!
After finish with Falling in Madness, i'm gonna start another game =D

Great game, Nostalgia at its best, epic musics, and a awesome sequel of the first game, which was already awesome :D
In my opinion, the day-time map music is very annoyning, unlikely the night-time.
Also, my nickname is not '1991elias' :P
This game deserves more than it got :)

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks for the kind words.
I think that the day map music has a certain charm, but I don't like it's placement as the first thing you hear after selecting your character. I was one of the songs I picked near the very end, because deadlines.
Damn typos. I'll fix it in the next update.
I kinda thought so, but what's done is done. There are a few issues at the pregame menu level that I think hurt the score a fair bit. I was so afraid of people leaving dumb reviews asking what the controls are and about basic elements of play, that I dumped too much into the front end. If I could do it again, I would go into a more public testing phase, say letting any NG user see the game, before submitting.

Very good start with Project Nexus sprites. Here is some tips to make your game better (some of them are still not present on my game too xD ):
1. Add a loader
2. Make a better menu (not needed, but it's still good)
3. Some way to zoom or make the guy bigger, because if someone wants to take a picture of its character, the pic will be very little.
4. Make other colors for feets, heads and bodies.
5. Make a background (not needed too, but it's better have one)
6. Be able to move the scene miscellaneous
Anyway, great job, I hope be able to see the next update ;)

LOL, this game is like my one, but my one will have more things, and probably a gun builder too.
This was a great idea, even being the same of mine, lol. Try adding more things and be aware about shading, hands and size. Anyway, I will give you 4 stars!

LOL, I know that uzi, from Madness Combat 5 and 7.
Here is full of parts, but the size of the flash file is too small for so much parts, don't you think so?
Anyway, you deserve 54 stars, so here they're.

Isn't the best awnser game I played already but, IDK everything about how I do one of this so I give you an 3.5.
I got 20, and, a good thing to you do is:
1. change the position of the bars
2. put more than 3 bars, sometimes I don't find what I wanted to do (or did, lol)
3. more questions would be cool, like 25 questions.
I liked too your Mario animations, I did one already and another that I abandoned but even unfinished I post it, so, don't stop to do what you did all this time ^^.
I will wait for another test and another mario animations.

Game developer, artist and drummer that loves music and Madness Combat.

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