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Yo, those FULL AUTO DEAGLEZ tho!

I liked the plot, it's simple but enjoyable. The action is well made, however the music is reeeeeally repetitive, and it doesn't match the movie.
I would say your style is a lot similar to Gabriel Barsch's. Do you animate using tweens?
Not just that but you also used Janitor as main character, just like he did some time ago.
Keep it up!

TrotoNop3 responds:

Thanks,I will find a better music next time.:p

It's really surprising how this collab was made out of a simple joke.
The action scenes were superb, and I'm not talking about 2-3 animators, everyone made a great job, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The cinematic moments and speed effects (mainly in the start) were impressive and gave the intensity feeling of the scenes.
Wonderful job, everyone! Congrats kRyy for organizing this amazing piece.
Also, thanks for using some of my weapons, it's always a honor to have them featured in a movie :)

I don't review a Madness movie for a while, but I felt I needed to this time.
The action scenes were very enjoyable, the jokes and "acting" are great, especially in the start and the end (btw, superb ending), the music hasn't heavy beats and fits well with the way the animation goes, the lightblue agent scene was very great, sadly it ended with "someone appears from nowhere and kills the man... AND the scene aswell", and last but not least, no "convenient" kills (like an agent aiming at you but instead of shooting he waits the protagonist to fire first)... ok, there were some agents that waited to appear in the scene to act at 3:37, but wasn't so bad.
Congrats to everyone for this great piece, and keep up the good job! Congrats, Djjaner ;)

The animation is really good, the only problem is that it's not supposed to be in the Movie Portal.
If you can, please, upload tests like this one on the Dumping Grounds, then after copying its link, you can use it on a newspost to everyone be able to see it ;)
Thanks in advance,
Elias Papp

Hidden-Maverick responds:

How is this even a test?

I never intended it to be one at all.

I don't have much to talk about the movie, it was well made and good enough for a birthday present. Just the ".swf" thing on the name that is annoyning me now, like after Krinkels made it, EVERYONE starts to do the same thing (and this seems to have started a long time ago with those Sonic.exe games and etc.).
I have one question to make: Why it's so hard to give credit for (even if it's only) a single sprite? It's easier than putting the sprite on the movie.

After Hank found the secret exit of the Sheriff, I saw some similarity with another movie, even though the ending was unexpected and made me laugh xD
The BGs were awesome, some different sounds and weapons, the music fitted very well, the action is enjoyable and very well made (still can't believe you made this on one month, I take this long to make a simple clip), and of course the Deja Vu ending.
Keep the good work up guys ;)

Decent collab, most of the clips were enjoyable, while others, in my opinion, should be removed of the collab (like the one with the head jumping out from the box, to me that's not a clip, it's just to give some seconds to the collab).
Oh, and please remove that "(simple)" from the title of the collab, that decreases the attention to the public and makes people think like "it's just another simple collab", if you know what I mean.
Keep the good work up guys.

I have to say I kinda liked the movie, the action was nice, but the comedy was better, even being simple.
That ending was very unexpected.
Happy birthday kRyy!

Hahah I laughed at some parts, first the agent saying to the other "get down biatch!", then Sanford and Deimos signs (mainly Sanford's), and Hank pointings (would like to understand what he's saying tho).
For me, this is the real idea of Incidents, mixing a little of humor and kick-ass action, and with a message behind, don't know if I'm explaining the right way, but this is (again, in my opinion) an Incident that keeps the essence of the originals.
Keep the good work Zemort, now I can see that the time you spent off was worth it :)

zemort91 responds:

YES I agree with you 100% Thank you for the kind word ! :D

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