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1999Elias's News

Posted by 1999Elias - December 12th, 2015

I'm having a problem that when I try to play flash games, and I press one key (left arrow as example), and then release it, but my character will keep going to the left. For some reason, this occurs only in some flash games, like Madness:Project Nexus (the first one).

When I started to make a project in AS3 on my programming class, it was going ok in the computers from there, but when I tested the same file here, I experienced this problem aswell, but when I made an AS2 game test, the problem didn't happen.

There's more, my keyboard is working well, but when I tried to play Project Nexus with Joy2Key (using gamepad) and then with Virtual Keyboard, the problem didn't happen aswell.

I tried to find over the internet something to help me but no success.

If you know what's going on, plz help me.

Oh, btw this is the little project I made with AS3.


PS: You have to click play and then click on the game window to be able to move the ship (thanks to Kkots for finding a way to fix that, however I didn't change the file still)

PPS: the booklet was incomplete so you're invincible :P

Also my birthday is in 3 weeks (January 3), yay! :D


Posted by 1999Elias - October 15th, 2015

And I think I'm doing it pretty well:


Image that I took as base:


How I want it to looks like:


This is actually a homework from my technical course/class (programming digital games), and I have to say I'm improving much at drawings and design, I'm very happy ^^

Besides this, I'm sorry but this time no Madness-related news :|

EDITED: 300 fans! yay!!!

Thanks to my fans (and also who's not but still follow me) :D

Posted by 1999Elias - August 4th, 2015

It has been a month... Jesus, time flies!

Well, I didn't tell nobody but I'm now having classes for programming games, yay! Well that's the good part... but the bad part is VERY bad...

I don't think I will have enough time to work on Madness Customization 2, so I'm not sure if it will be in this Madness Day :(

Then you tell me: Oh c'mon Elias don't you tell me you don't have enough time?

Believe or not, I don't.

I'm now studying 14 hours out of 24 hours...

and counting my sleep time... yeah...

I'm sorry, but at least I can show you guys some new guns:



I hope you have a nice day... :)

Posted by 1999Elias - June 28th, 2015

Sup guys, I got sad when I watched the collab and saw that only 1 of my clips got in the collab, even if the 3rd wasn't completed, I still had the 2nd... well I was wrong.

First of all, watch the collab to understand what I'm saying.



"...1999Elias -Great critic dude and little experience with animation and what he did to collab confirms that he* is just a critic..."

@Djjaner I know it wasn't your fault that the collab had only that simple clip from me.

Now I gotta explain everything:

When I entered the collab, days after I shown it to @Gujit saying I already made the first clip (in .swf), and then started to make the second (a challenge by @T3xno).

After some weeks, I sent another PM to Gujit sending him the .fla files of the 2 clips, and saying that I would like to upload another one that was about to be a real killing scene, not just a test, here's it: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/84ba1230d18db5270d73679358f0f0eb (yup the same clip from my other post)

This is the second clip: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/fb943f315ee4b3555dbdcf0bec41f2b8

Gujit replied the PM saying "Thanks bro !!"

Then I thought: "well I can make it before July 1", but days after, Gujit changed the deadline to June 20 (maybe because he thought he had the enough), and when I saw was June 18!

Again, sent a PM saying if he could change the deadline back to July 1, but I hadn't the response.

Then you say: "But why your 2nd clip wasn't uploaded anyways?"

Because Gujit probably asked Djjaner to record the parts as .swf, in other words, Gujit sent to Djjaner only the part I sent to him as .swf; the 1st clip.


"1999Elias-3 Parts" (counting with the part that is in progress)

days after the Collab being released, @GabrielBarsch got mad with me because he got disappointed too about my appearance, but then I explained to him the same thing I'm explaining to you. 

I'm making this post because I was the "8 Ball" of the collab, like Djjaner said (that he was totally right), only me and Cethic wasn't that good, however Cethic made something different, while I made just a simple test.

Lots of parts were original, many of them made me laugh, but mine was fast, not funny and just a test.

PS: This post wasn't made with the intention of blame someone, what occurred was only a misunderstanding, and I hope it doesn't happen again to no one.

That's all, have a nice day.

Posted by 1999Elias - June 18th, 2015

I made 2 tests for Madness Reflection Collab already, but I wanted to make a real clip, something good, original, so I started to make this:

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/84ba1230d18db5270d73679358f0f0eb (UPDATED)

PS: You may need to change the quality to medium or to low.

I don't think I will be able to finish it in time (June, 20), so I said to @Gujit to extend the deadline.

If you want to, you can follow my new Facebook page:


Oh, and here goes a pic of a Fictional Assault Rifle by me:


Posted by 1999Elias - May 17th, 2015

For those that don't know what this is about, it's my comment on 1999Salvatore's gift movie he made for Kenamii:

Kenamii Giftination:


As you can see, it got a great feedback didn't it? So much that this is the first time I receive a "Lots of people find this review helpful!"

(Oh God I made two numbers 8 and 9 on the errors list. Ok...)

PS: For some reason the "Lots of people find this review helpful!" wasn't there for some time yesterday, it's possible that someone was trying to take down my comment but couldn't because the many "helpful!" it got :P

After reading that comment, he removed the movie immediately, and now he remade it: the "Incident: K3n4m11"

But one more time he failed:


I do my best to keep the peace, but sometimes there's no way...

Yes people, he's one of the causes that I want to change my name :|

Oh and if you don't believe on me: http://1999elias.newgrounds.com/reviews/

Have a nice day ;)

Posted by 1999Elias - May 11th, 2015

1999Elias or EliasPapp?

I prefer EliasPapp, it's more original (and it's my real name lol).

What do you think?

Variation ideas are welcome.

Istead of leave this post with just that, here's a pic of something I hope finish for Gujit's Collab (Clip n. 3):


Have a nice day.

Posted by 1999Elias - April 1st, 2015

No, I'm serious, starting with Madness Combat Weapon Sprites V8!


EDIT: I know MAC-11/M-11 isn't a pistol, but as I said at the keys button, this is just temporarily.

And, even more important, Madness Customization II 0.5!!! ^^


Oh yeah, I forgot about this old, very old test I planned and that didn't come like I wanted:


Yeah, it got horrible, that's why I stopped working on it.

That's all everyone, have a nice and real day! :P

Also please, no April jokes if possible in the comments, this is annoyning.

Posted by 1999Elias - March 20th, 2015

Browning Hi-Power (03/22)


FN Model D (03/18)

AK-47 Bullpup
Automag II
Benelli CB M2
Brutus Jr.
ENARM Shotgun
Enouy Revolver
HILL H-15 Prototype
Kel-Tec KSG
Mateba 6 Unica
Mossberg 500 Bullpup
Neostead 2000
OTs-14 Compact
SR-3 Vikhr
Striker Shotgun

Sorry for the lack of productivity and for the horrible post :P

Have a nice day ;)

Posted by 1999Elias - February 20th, 2015

I didn't made any other post for almost a month after making my Entry #72, sooo...., well, here's another one... tadaa!......  (¬¬)

As you may have seen, I listed just a little of what I have to do still, starting with...

Madness Customization II: I didn't make any progress since 12/10/14 (Month/Day/Year), except the Automag button and the click-action in the weapons menu.

MD2015 Animation: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/008aa8d0987fbf3f190146e8bac54121 Saw any BIIIIIIG progress?...

Guitar...?: Exactly, I'm having guitar lessons, so a friend of mine lent to me his second guitar to I study it in my house, but, I just studied 1 day, and had to stop doing it after some 30 mins. because it was 00:00 already and my mom needed to sleep to tomorrow wake up in the morning to work.

Guns: This one I of course made progress, still, I'm angry with myself.

PS: for those who asked a AR-15, here it is:


Site...?: Yea, I started working on a site these days, but even being a great idea, it would take alot of my time, and as you can see, my time is really tight at the momment. But no, I will still work on it, but not now.

Collab: I joined Gujit's Collab recently, and I saw @Eshio working and I thought: dang, why can't I work like this? Making big progress in just one day?", yeah, I'm still down about this, and what I hate most it the fact that when I start working on a clip, something always goes wrong, like a backflip that went too low, perspective problems, all of this, and I just can't get rid of all of this problems that occurs in my tries, and it just gets worse everytime I try to fix.

Emotional help, animating help, any type of help about what I said above is appreciated... alot...