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1999Elias's News

Posted by 1999Elias - March 14th, 2014

Sup people, this days I was thinking: "damnit, my character is just overdated and doesn't matches me like it already did" and that "my character is the only one that is still less than 18 years old" (or at least looks like a under 18 years old), so I thought: "why don't make me from the future?", like I had the idea to make a pic of me saying to myself but from the future and pointing to him: "Who are you?". So now that I finished the update of my sprites, here is a pic of them:


That's all people, have a nice day everyone :D

Posted by 1999Elias - March 6th, 2014

My smaller post evah :3

Posted by 1999Elias - March 2nd, 2014

Guess what, another virus, that's why my PC was (much more) retarded (than normally), a kind of "E:\RECYCLER" that was in my second Pen-Drive, but got vanished hopefully ^^, now I started working on a test to show TheEB that I'm not so useless at animating :P

EDIT: Here it is: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e82647a7b5c138a77320e54e58ea8976

Even don't animating for more or less 1 month, MY SKILLS ARE EVEN BETTER!!! LOL, strange isn't it?

Now go look that test :D


Is this the first time I post a pic of a test? xP oh well...

Have a Nice Day people :D

Posted by 1999Elias - February 27th, 2014

Hey boys and girls, sorry for don't commenting on your posts, I'm really with a big problem, my PC is about to stop working, I'm just using PegaJogo at the moment but the CPU is making an annoyning and problematic sound, yesterday and today it almost didn't worked when I already turn it on [...], so it's question of time to it stop working, like my mom purchased (or the "buy" verb in simple past that I unfortunately don't know how to write it xP) this PC in 2007-2008, if I'm not wrong in march, but anyway it's very old, very slow, very crappy, but it's still a PC, and it's still (not) working, my mom also said that if this one goes *boom*, she won't buy another one, so I'm making this little post to say that I will probably be out for a big while, IDK if this PC will really stop working, but I hope not.

PS: I got a Silver Transverse Flute of my music teacher from the Church where I'm one of the drummers (5 in total xD) and a flutist (I have an Yamaha Recorder ^^), but I never used a transverse one or could at least touch in one :P

EDIT: But don't worry people, even if this crap goes boom, I will still maintain in contact by Cellphone ;D (that is of course from my mom :P)

That's all people, have a great day ;D

Posted by 1999Elias - February 23rd, 2014

I told you that I not just love easter eggs, but that nobody found this one:

I told you :3

Congrats Ultrabi for finding my so-much-hidden easter egg that I toke 3 minutes to find where the heck I put the 777 icon xD

EDIT2: And congrats Tailsbuddy for discovering what it tells, at least 1 of all the ways to read it :3

Maybe 1, maybe 2 or 3 millions of meanings :3

What I meant with this phrase? Easy; that I don't make difference between my friends and who isn't, and that in my heart there's always space for 1 more friend ;)

EDIT: I made another gun, the Spec 9 (from GoldenEye 007 Rogue Agent), and I'm learning how to hack Madness: Project Nexus, playing GTA SA, PES 2012, etc etc etc, and I admit I didn't even touched on my unfinished tests (just the 11), so I really don't want to animate now, but I promisse that if I feel good one day that I can animate, I will ;)

Just a little post guys, have a nice day and bye! :D

Posted by 1999Elias - February 15th, 2014

Hai people, me again, and I gotta say, this time the (not cool) school days are so boring that I'm feling like a zombie xD

Sincerely, you guys know that I love to draw when bored at school, plus I already made the "Random School Draws" art at mid 2013, so of course I still have more pics from that year, but now with this damn and much more boring school, I have a bunch of new drawings, that's why I'm making a kind of album of all my mini school draws, not just a faster and better way to organize them, but a nice recordation too. Here goes a pic:

Organizing mah shit

Moar guns:

Defender Knife, CBJ-MS PDW, Lusa SMG and Taurus MT-40 (3 versions).

-Dj-janer probably doesn't know but he made 2 references at "Madness Chrismasnation" when put my guns :3 -

Also, how can I put a .WAV song here that isn't mine? I would like to show you guys about what will be my next Remix ;)

Have a nice day everyone! And don't worry, the link will come soon ;D

Posted by 1999Elias - January 31st, 2014

What's up people? I'm making another post to explain how I could be rid off of that virus problem. To confirm: 1234567890, so yeah I finally can write again numbers ok Bobie11? xD

The first days with this problem, I already got that the problem was that one of the SHIFT keys was being used automatically, so one day I removed my keyboard, to see if the problem was my keyboard or that the virus was making my keyboard retarded, what I discovered? That the problem wasn't my keyboard, but that was something in the Computer system that was making this shitty problem, days after, I remembered of Virtual Keyboard (something that already goes with the Computer, right in System32) and tried to open it, but I simply couldn't, because it was being executed by the virus probably, then I opened the "Task Manager", but there was nothing about the Virtual Keyboard being executed by the Computer, so I didn't knew what to do. Today, after almost 3 days without internet (Because the shitty "Vivo" that almost everytime their internet fall down, and I just can't pay for another internet service because where I live, at the right side there's a very big wall so we just can't receive a good internet, Vivo's internet is about 30KBs per second >:| ) one idea finally popped out of my mind: "What about uninstall some key?", I searched and found "MapKeyboard", an executable file that can stop a key from the keyboard from working or replace it with a new key. So there was 2 SHIFT keys to uninstall, and the one I use is the left one, so I removed the left one, log off from my computer, and log in again, NO KEYS PROBLEM ANYMOAR! YEA BABY!

Another problem? That now I will need to accustom with the Right Shift key xD

Posted by 1999Elias - January 28th, 2014

My PC now is infected by some weird virus that is freaking me out because it is controlling my keyboard keys without even the keyboard because I already removed it but the same shitty shift problem is happening plus I am with caps lock activated now to write everything normally and my shitty internet is not helping I just can not write numbers dots etc I really need a new PC but I think I will need to wait a little because my mom started working again yesterday Wish me luck people and if possible pray for me D:

Posted by 1999Elias - January 20th, 2014

Hai guys and gurls, I'm bringing to you now more... wait... let me count... er... 4 new guns for your Madness movies... and maybe what not. Here they're:


download link: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/be64da56bdc2ca3f61c272aab8142785

MAC-10/M-11 with Stock and with the Ultimate Compensator (created name :3)

L22 with Scope and Foregrip

MP5K with 2 magazine types and fire selector (cost of production: over 9000th barfs)

You can also see some minor changes at the sheet, and don't worry, I will make a separated link for the classic Krinkels' models.

You're probably thinking: "Damnit, Elias is so lazy that he just made 3 new guns for us?"

My response: after millions of PMs, sincerely, my head is -spinning around- and my brain is hurt, I never writed and readed so much words, I think I gonna have nightmares with english words ><'

Not just that, I'm trying to stop being so much time on computer, and trying to fix my life, going out from my house with my friends sometimes, having a fun and good life, etc, not just sit on the chair and start working the way you never stop.

-That's all folks-, have a great day! ^^ And don't forget to fan me if you want to know when more guns will come, this motivates me to make more and more :D

Posted by 1999Elias - January 11th, 2014

Hai people, I'm making this post just for fun, and to show you I'm still animating, here is some tests/clips I'm still working on (all of them are unfinished):

Test no. 11 (updated): http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/dfbc46bfe5ea5c67d516b8ae06f0b099

Test number 12 can be found on the post "THIS SHIT IS FUCKING HARD", I actually removed it from my computer.

Test no. 13: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c2b4b32102a6eb5648e6ebf3630a58d7 (I dunno if I finish this one)

Test no. 14 (NEW): http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/6241dc6ae100e4190402daf5ae18a4b3

-Madness Customization secret is still hid-

My thoughts on what I can improve: animated standing (move the characters a bit when stopped) and physics.

If you think there's something more that I can improve (that of course have), please comment, your words are important to me (no u haterz).

At the time I'm working on Madness Customization II with Kkots, I know it will be incredible, so the tests above will need to wait a little (sarcasm).

Have a great day everyone! ^^