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1999Elias's News

Posted by 1999Elias - November 15th, 2017

Yeah :D


And took like 1 hour to make this lovely Rifle:


I doubt you can get what gun it is. Its country flag has only two colors, being one of them red, and it's from Europe.

And a lazy FBF test I made, it took like half a hour (it's 15 FPS only): https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/03f33060d317ff231729a0e971dfde81

Be ready for a new "guess this weapon" game on FB, it's coming this 17th, so stay tuned... if you have facebook, and of course you don't have :/

FB page (again): https://www.facebook.com/1999Elias/

Have a nice day ;)


Posted by 1999Elias - September 29th, 2017

First I would like to thank the +3 fans today, I got surprised when I saw it...

...But I got even more surprised when I saw this PM from G-Bot:


I don't know if that's something rare, but I suppose it is because NG is full of users, and countless important people, so I feel very honored being selected User of the Day ^^

Also, I gonna make a kind of "Who's that Pokemon?" game in my FB page, that I'll give a photo of a gun case without the gun, but with its model outline (much like the Pokemon one), so who comments the name of the weapon correctly will be able to ask for another one for me to draw, however if no one answer it right in 2 weeks, I will reveal in a post like all the others present in the page.

If you don't know my FB page, just click in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/1999Elias/

This is the weapon case sprite for pistols (there will be 2 larger versions for SMGs/SGs and ARs/LMGs):


(Using GA-9 as example like it's the biggest pistol I've made so far)

So, facebook users, stay tuned for the next monday ;)


Posted by 1999Elias - September 22nd, 2017

Yeah boeh, Madnuss Dei! It's now the 4th Madness Day I'm involved (I mean no projects, but I'm following the commemoration projects and stuff)

I'm not proud of myself for having nothing for the day, but after all, I'm sure it will be another great day(s) full of crazy cartoons with lots of blood and creativity :D

I'll at least try to watch every project for the celebration, and give my help with the ratings (if possible I'll try to review aswell)

Anyways, happy Madness Day everyone! ^^


Posted by 1999Elias - June 28th, 2017

As I promissed, to celebrate the 400 fans, there goes the animations and sprites from the game I've been working on together with my group at College:


What I had to do: Make all the sprites and animations with Flash, export every frame to .fxg, open with Illustrator, and export to .svg to keep the vector filter to use the sprites to keep high quality (couldn't even see her face well when using .png sprites)

This is the link of the ""demo"" (it's in portuguese-BR): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/167164663/

PS: The credits screen was made by me with a ruled notebook, then edited with Paint.NET

The game is far from completion, we have worked at it in a rush, and actually we had to stop it because Scratch (yeah, we had to make this game with this thing... ><) couldn't bear with so much sprites and enemies... so we couldn't implement enemies, bosses, and anything else.

I don't want to explain the idea of this game, as we might remake it with Unity or another engine.

Oh, and I almost forgot, this is the two versions of the emblem I created for our team, LETAW:

4225158_149868331251_LETAW2.png                  4225158_149868343573_LETAW.png

Now I gotta go, have a nice day ;)

Posted by 1999Elias - June 5th, 2017

Really? Come on I never expected to get this far with almost no projects, ok I still have my weapons pack but that's not something big like an animation or a game (a real game, not a dress up like mine)

Anyways, love you guys (no homo lel), thanks for all the support, I'm really grateful, and I would like to show some animations and vectors/digital-draws I made and am still working on for a game for College, but first I need to organize them in .swf and .png formats, I'm sure you guys will like it :D

Have a nice day everyone ^^

Edit: We finally reached 400 fans! Yay!!! Stay tuned, I will soon post my works from the game I've working in my college :D

Posted by 1999Elias - March 19th, 2017

What's up guys? Just passing by to don't leave the account stopped... :)


I pretend to make the shading afterwards, this drawing was intended to test my scale perception. Didn't use a ruler, but still can't draw a straight line horizontally, so I had to rotate the paper several times to make this drawing. Only used a mechanical pencil, an eraser... and a paper... duh.

As you can see, I don't have any technique, and at everthing in my opinion. I usually prefer taking my time praticing by myself (but now I'm not even praticing :/) than searching or learning easier ways, something I need to stop doing.

Well, I guess that's it, have a nice day ;)

Posted by 1999Elias - February 15th, 2017

That's all you need to know, have a nice day ;)

Posted by 1999Elias - January 26th, 2017

You guys may think this video is a little random... well, you're kinda right xD


Click on subtitles for english translation ;)

Have a nice day ;)

Posted by 1999Elias - December 22nd, 2016

Hi everyone, tomorrow's gonna make 1 month since the last post

Thanks for everyone that contributed with the views and likes at my homework videos, you guys are awesome ^^

Movimentação de mãos (hands movement) video has now 100 views... that's not much but means a lot to me :)

I have an important question this time, it will be to help me choose what I gonna do at my vacation free time

I don't know if everyone that follow this profile knows, but I want to learn more about programming for games, and I had a 1 year and a half class about it.

And I don't know what I do now, because while I have Madness Customization 2 in progress, people keeps talking to me that I shouldn't use Flash for games anymore, mainly using AS2...

I want to finish my game, and Flash is the best program to make it, but if I want to make it good, I would need to learn more about AS2... and I don't know if I should take my time to learn an old language that I probably won't use in the future.

So, what do you guys think? Should I keep working on Madness Customization 2? You guys really want this sequel?

Have a nice day ;)


Posted by 1999Elias - November 24th, 2016

It's finally done! Yeah! :D

I gotta say, the video is short and very simple, but... God how much I worked on this >.<'

The teacher from my course wanted a simple hand animation (like Jonathan did, the very clever guy from my class), but I wanted to go far with this one, and did my best to make a cool video for you guys.

Also, now I have a simple 2D intro made with Flash for my videos, I liked the result.

Unfortunately, the illumination sucked, but I would have to remove the walls to make it like on the pic from the last news.


I hope you guys enjoy the lil action :)