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1999Elias's News

Posted by 1999Elias - November 26th, 2013

REACHED 100 FANS, YAY!!! I made a whole post about the nightmare we (good people) are living, and here is some phrases I made:
'My eyes are bleeding, my soul is crying, the bad is surrounding us, people are spiritually dying'
'Don't look back, what you made, He already forgave'
'Are your hands clean to you sup with Him?'
'I see the world, grey scaled, no more colors, something sad'
Also here is some kind of test that is an idea of a walking animation (made with tweens):
PS: I made a whole post with much more than this, but my PC freezed AGAIN and I almost thrown it at the wall and boom >:3

Posted by 1999Elias - November 22nd, 2013

Hi people, after almost two weeks I'm making another post, again about Madness Customization, and I would like to know what you will say. Madness Customization had already 2 updates if my mind is right and I already seen so much problems in it, but I can't continue it because my PC is slow and it's Windows Vista (the most crappy Windows), and the internet connection here is about 30-40KB per second, so I really have problems here, and my flash also lag to edit something or to save, example, to I open one symbol, it takes a half second and if I click on the screen before, it crashes, and to save it, I need to wait 2-5 minutes to save it and if I click it crashes too and I need to make all the update again (this happened at least 2 times at the making on).
So I don't know if I make Madness Customization 2, discontinue the latest, or try to continue it slowly.
Your comment is important, so don't forget about commenting.
Also here is more sprites (the Bergmann Bayard 1908 revolver is just a update and also to who don't know, the alien-like gun is a 'slowmotion' gun from Golden Eye Rogue Agent), including my wanted shitty poster:

Another Madness Customization question.

Posted by 1999Elias - November 10th, 2013

After I made Madness Customization and most codes of it, I'm using AS2 for miscellaneous in Madness Combat animations like working shell ejector and much more. Here is a loop of what I've done with SOCIMI M-821 SMG:
Also, now I'm certain that animating first the body and then the feet is the best way to me at animating, a proof of that is my last tests, when I made the 777Sword test, I first animated everything to after animate the feet (even being one of my laziest tests xD), and my last test, that I first animated the feet, leaving it slow and bad. For now, training the walking in another way ;D
And you guys, What are you making?

Posted by 1999Elias - November 6th, 2013

Constructive critism is appreciated. Also no tweens.
For those people who's waiting for new arts from me, I will be free of school and I'm full of shit to do now, so I will be training my right hand (like I already made a draw with it) and, somehow it got very good, but it's a bit too little, so I will post it with my Mag Agent: Torture, and another little draws.

Posted by 1999Elias - November 1st, 2013

I started out this a time ago already, I now know how I can make possible changing the model of a gun, and the votes on the another post led me to make this, isn't something fun to do, but almost all of this guns are really good now and I already wanted to make some "Classic Weapons Sheet", and here it is, it's unfinished like you can see, there will be much more weapons, you just have to... ...wait, and wait, and wait... ...AND WAIT... ...until I finish it (if you don't wait, you can make it by yourself, but this will eat your time :3 ).

Classical models, partially divided and with smoother lines

Posted by 1999Elias - October 24th, 2013

Posted by 1999Elias - October 21st, 2013

Hi people, 1999Elias speaking (you don't say), I had the idea to change color of the body parts, but there is one problem, if I make a color change for the guns, they won't be able to fire anymore (because to they fire with the another color, I would need to duplicate/complicate and change part by part to the another color, and that is very boring and hard to do).
Select the option you think is the best (or the less bad, whatever):
1. Make color change and optional things for guns but don't let 'em fire [votes: 7]
2. Let 'em fire without another color option [votes: 6]
PS: A new post will be made tomorrow.

Posted by 1999Elias - October 20th, 2013



Posted by 1999Elias - October 15th, 2013

Including their Windows Vista, lol!
Also, working on posters. ;)
New download link for weapons sprites by me: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/bcb3f3b9b982f4b52e737ccf1e6f038d
EDIT: MAG-7 is done! Also folded stock Uzi is done too.

C.A.E.E Revolution!!!

Posted by 1999Elias - October 10th, 2013

Here it is pals, my first melee test:
BEWARE: Lazyness at animating hands and other stuff is included.
Constructive cristism is appreciated.